Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaNo Slow Go

Oh my, today was rough. Decided to rewrite yesterday's conversation between my MC and her art teacher, instead of an art contest judge. I liked that much better, but there were so many holes that I was unable to move forward. I also wrote a lot of notes to myself, which I counted toward my total word court. Don't delete, remember?

My resistance reminded me of what my VCFA 2nd semester advisor, Sharon Darrow, once told me: when I'm unable to write a scene, I'm not ready to write it yet, I'm not there emotionally, physically, mentally-- everything! And she's right. (Those VCFA advisors, I tell you, always popping up in your head.)

Mentally, I'm thinking of home improvement projects literally knocking on my door tomorrow;
Physically, I want to leave my chair and refill my coffee cup.
Emotionally, I'm not ready for my MC to have any kind of epiphany. Way too early.

That's okay.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll go back, even though I'm supposed to go forward with NaNo, and I'll try one of those scenes that I want to fill. I'm sure the NaNo police won't arrest me!

Words written today: 1123

My total word count should update to a little over 18K. That's closer to 20K, right? Soon. Very soon.

Ha, I sound like Grandmother Moccasin, the thousand-year-old snake in Kathi Appelt's THE UNDERNEATH, who hisses, "SSoooooooon!"

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