Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaNo and Thanksgiving Prep...

NaNo continues despite my list of holiday cooking preps to do. Chinese sausage, check. Sweet rice, check. Soak dried mushrooms...

These past couple of days, my main character Faith, makes some realizations. Realizations that I know she has not earned yet. She's close to epiphany-land, but the epiphany feels shallow and contrived. It's where I think she is heading. And I hope, with revisions, it will change and deepen.

My 3rd semester advisor, Uma Krishnaswami, once told me that my MC must earn his/her keep, her reasons behind her actions, her big moment. Uma must have said it in a much more eloquent way, but I can't find her exact wording at the moment. "Earn your ghost" is another phrase which comes to mind.

But it shows me where I need to dig deeper, fill the well, develop the character and ultimately, the story. Because, after all, I'm just trying to get to the NaNo end.

Can't wait to dig... next month and beyond.
And after I make sticky rice for Thanksgiving.

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